I always feel that art can EXPRESS anything through colors, ideas, imaginations and creativity. It gives a sense of satisfaction and pride once you work on your artwork. So be creative and start playing with colors.  A little patience, focus and love towards art will help you mastering any kind of art.  The students will learn all the techniques and skills which will  encourage them and help them to build their self-confidence in their art education as well as other academic studies. It’s a great way to keep children focused and concentrated.

The student explores a wide array of drawing and painting mediums such as Colored pencils, markers, sharpie and gel pens, chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils and more. Once students are proficient in their drawing skills, they progress into the exploration of painting mediums. Students receive extensive instruction in the use of each painting medium, including color-mixing, painting techniques, and the proper use and care of materials. We always take into consideration the students’ abilities and interests. This enhances learning of technical and artistic skills, while students are gaining patience, the ability to focus, and pride and confidence in their work.

Our program will cover the following:

  1.   Drawing and Sketching skills
  2.   Understanding of Color Theory
  3.   Layout and Designs
  4.   Patterns and Shapes
  5.   Techniques of using various art mediums
  6.   Contrast and Combination of colors
  7.   Multiple Art forms.

Through a step-by-step method, students, ages 4 – adult, are taught basic drawing and painting skills which result in art work that is realistic and attractive. Our students no longer experience boredom or frustration, as they are taught on an individualized basis according to their personal abilities and proficiencies, moving ahead at their own pace. This enables them to be given the artistic “tools” they need to create art for the rest of their lives. ShilpiCreativeArts works with students to build skills.