Namrata Ashish Talati  reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 star
December 7, 2018 · 

Shilpi is amazing. My daughter is been going there for a while now & she just loves it. She look forward to go to her class every week. 
I recommend Shilpi for her creative art. More importantly, her charges are very reasonable & flexible. Thank you Shilpi for providing good education towards Art.

Roshani Poudel reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 star
December 7, 2018 · 

My daughters 9 and 6 years old take art lessons from Shilpi. They are doing such a great job. They have become very creative and are learning different variations of art and techniques. They are both turning into great artists. They love their class and are always proud of their work. Shilpi also makes sure they are practicing their learnings at home and keeps parents informed about what the kids are learning! Thank you Shilpi!

Seema Rayudu Chintamneedi reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 starNovember 4, 2017 · 

Recently my daughter started taking art lessons from Shilpi… and within no time I could see a considerable difference in her before and after classes with Shilpi… Infact I was so amazed by My daughters Halloween art work, that I had to cross check with Shilpi, if she had done by herself or someone else helped her… Joshika loves going to the class every Monday and I’m super satisfied ….

Avanti Parikh reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 starNovember 3, 2017 · 

Shilpi is very creative and hard working artist. She is very detail oriented, great artist teacher, and very well organized. My child loves to attend her class and donot want to miss any class. I would recommend her for anyone who is looking for art class for kids or for adults.

Shantha Jain reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 starOctober 30, 2017 · 

Shilpi, is a very talented artist. She knows various kind of art which makes her very knowledgeable and creative. She is very clear with her communication about her teaching. My daughter started her classes few month ago and loves it. This is what my daughter has to say about her ‘ Shilpi aunty I like you because you give very good art homework and you are very kind. You are the best artist ever’.

Rama Darisipudi reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 star . October 29, 2017 · 

My daughter Sravani takes her drawing lessons from Ms. Shilpi. She loves it and will be waiting for the Mondays to go to the class. In addition to teaching in the class, Shilpi also shares drawing videos with different techniques, which is an awesome way of scaffolding their skills. She also matches her lessons with the festivals or holidays in that month, that makes kids more interested. Nice job Shilpi.Shilpi Creative ArtsArtist · 453 Likes

Swati Donthireddy reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 star

Swati Donthireddy My both kids love their arts class. They actually wait for Monday so that they can go to the class and learn something new 😄Manage

Debjani Bose reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 starOctober 17, 2017 · 

My daughter loves going to art class. She looks forward to it every week. Shilpi is a great teacher and would recommend her for anyone looking to take art lessons.

Madhulika Achal reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 starOctober 11, 2017 ·

My daughter started art classes last month and she totally loves it! I like the way Shilpi teaches and her attention to details. Totally recommend her classes.

Amisha Sheth reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 starOctober 10, 2017 · 

I and my daughter we both takes art lessons from Shilpi and we love it. She is very creative ,loving and knowledgeable. She also teaches so many different drawing and coloring techniques. She is very friendly with kids and my daughter eagerly wait for her art lesson every week.

Saie Mulay reviewed Shilpi Creative Arts — 5 starOctober 7, 2017 · 

My daughter recently started taking lessons from Shilpi and she is loving it. She is very meticulous in her teaching tactics and gives good you tube examples every so often for us to review with the kids. She also provides her own materials which is one less hassle to worry about. Loving it so far. ❤️

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